Finding passion for something outside yourself

Going into 2020 as a whole, I have had a lot to reflect upon from the past year, and as I reflect I find myself pondering choices made and not made. Now some of those choices not made are what I need to revisit, and in the process find something to be passionate about.

I have had a long interest in politics and the inner workings of how America as a country runs. But the political climate of today is slowly draining me of this interest, and while I will always follow politics, I think about stepping back and rethinking what my passions are in life.

I feel lessons in life that put us down and make us feel the pang of regret can help lead us into our true passions, and that definitely fits the bill for me.

Besides my job here at the Times, I have found that writing is as therapeutic as meditating, and throwing myself into a make believe world that I alone have control over is enthralling, to say the least. Or writing simple poems to help convey a feeling or emotion helps me stay leveled.

Again, regret to me has been one of the biggest motivators in finding my passions. Besides writing, I find that hiking, being outdoors and embracing nature has been as beneficial as seeing a therapist or counselor.

Nature has always been a better escape for me than anything else, and I will always pursue the call of Mother Nature when I need to.

While hiking by yourself is not always the best idea, when in the outdoors and alone, it’s easier to reflect on what life has to offer and has in store for you.

At least for me, I have been able to find my passions to help be a form of therapy, and while that’s not for everyone, I do believe that finding the things we are passionate about leads us to being better.

That, to me, is what matters.