Fire Safe Council applies for FEMA grant to reforest burned Sheep and Hog fire areas

The Lassen Fire Safe Council, Inc. is applying to FEMA’s Hazard Mitigation Grant Program in response to the Sheep and Hog fires of the 2020 fire season. The funds will go toward reforestation on private properties in the Sheep and Hog Fire burn footprints. Combined, the two wildfires burned nearly 40,000 acres this past fire season, leaving private property owners with burnt timber and hazard trees on their property. If funded, LFSC intends to remove the remaining fuel and hazard trees and replant for restoration of the forest and long-term soil stability control.


A note to residents

To be eligible to participate in our planned FEMA project, no ground disturbing activities may have taken place on a property from the time of the fires’ control until FEMA has granted us notice to proceed on our restoration work. This means that fire salvage cannot have taken place, or will not take place, on a participating property.

If your property was burned in either fire, LFSC wants to hear from you. Before our application’s submission, LFSC must gauge how much interest the community has in participating in the project. The FEMA application along with community responses will be submitted in January 2021 — after which FEMA will begin the review process and LFSC will continue to keep the community engaged and updated with the project’s progress.

Respond to Katlyn Lonergan at or call the LFSC at 251-5560 no later than Dec. 31, 2020 to record your interest in the reforestation efforts.