First Amendment transition

America’s freedom of expression champions have undergone a First Amendment transition.

Our social media, school board, university, business, church and even newspaper heroes have become experts at censoring anything they do not agree with, rather than tolerating it.

They don’t want contradictory material to be spoken, written, posted, taught, published or preached. They just plain don’t want to hear of it, for themselves or for their children. It’s like the father putting his daughter on an airplane for college for the first time, saying, “We want you to get a great education sweetie, just don’t go getting any ideas.”

What we want today above all else is freedom of action, which translates to freedom to debauch everything else left over that we hold dear. We are shooting ourselves in the foot by suppressing knowledge and loving-up self- and nation-destructive “liberty” which is really “license” to do whatever.

Is it any wonder we are a nation of lost puppies?