Fishing Derby announcement should come soon

Don’t worry kids, the Lassen Sportsmen’s Club is expected to make an announcement about the date of the Junior Fishing Derby, postponed last month due to inclement weather and safety concerns about the high water and the unstable conditions along the Susan River, within the next couple of weeks.

Right now they’re considering holding the Junior Fishing Derby in early August — after the Lassen County Fair but before school starts.

The word has gone out that the derby will be held this Saturday, May 20, but unfortunately that information is incorrect. Here’s what’s up.

The Junior Fishing Derby Committee plans to meet Thursday, May 25 to discuss a possible date to hold the derby. After the committee selects a date, it will make a public announcement. The committee and the club are looking out for your safety.

“The river has receded a little bit, but it still is running pretty fast, and the concern for the stability of the banks is still a concern,” said Jim Chapman, a member of the club and a long-time supporter of the derby.

The club remains committed to giving the young ones in our community their day of fishing on the river, providing a free breakfast and lunch for them and many merchants in the community also will provide a number of prizes as they always have. Just hang on to your poles a little longer — your day will come