Five prison staff members injured in early morning assault

An early morning incident at the California Correctional Center Wednesday, March 15 sent five prison staff members to the hospital.

CCC spokesman Lt. James Crandall said, “There was an incident on one of the facilities that involved approximately 40 inmates. They attacked staff. Five staff members went to outside hospitals for further medical treatment. There were no serious injuries.”

According to Crandall, correctional officers responded with physical force, a couple of 40mm, less-than-lethal rounds and pepper spray.

The facility is on modified program as the incident is under investigation. Some inmate weapons were discovered, but none were used, Crandall said.

2 thoughts on “Five prison staff members injured in early morning assault

  • What led up to it? Who was injured? Did they find the perps? Will the DA prosecute?

  • Which staff? Guards? Other? I have a friend who works there!

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