The early morning calm makes the water appear as smooth as glass.

Follow the river for an easy escape

Thursday, July 25, I changed my pace from a rough dirt trail to the paved and easy Susan River Trail. I started at Pat Murphy Fields a little ways up from the beginning of the trail that starts at Cornell Street.

Starting off, I stopped by a small beach to take in the sights and sounds of the Susan River. I made my way east heading toward Riverside Drive.

Damage from the flood of 2017 can still be seen as fine sand that usually sits on beaches or at the bottom of the river still covers portions of the trail.

Crossing Riverside I found myself directly across from the old mill water towers, which hit me with nostalgia when the whistle would blow everyday at noon before its closing.

The further I went, though, the more and more trash I noticed littering the sides of the trail even down into the river, trash was all over the place. This disheartened me a bit as Ranch Park and the Bizz Johnson are always well maintained and free of garbage mostly.

But besides the trash, families of deer were a dime a dozen all over the Susan River Trail.

The closer I got to the back side of the probation office, the river was like a sheet of glass with no wind rippling the water and nothing disturbing its flow. It appeared as a sitting body until it went over the levee to where it went rushing down.

This is where I decided to turn around and make my way back toward Pat Murphy Field and my vehicle.

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