Forest issues vehicle restrictions

The Lassen National Forest wishes to remind forest visitors that parts of the Forest are off-limits to wheeled vehicles. The ruts left by wheeled vehicles result in hazardous road and trail conditions for forest employees and visitors. Additionally, precipitation can soften the ground and roadbeds, increasing the chance of wheeled vehicles getting stuck and causing damage. These restrictions stem from concerns for visitor safety and to protect natural resources. “This is our opportunity to educate and bring awareness of the appropriate use of wheeled vehicles on the Forest,” said Leslie Ross, Acting Forest Supervisor, LNF. “We are working with our partners to ensure your safety and enjoyment during your recreation activities on the Forest.”

Violations against the roads and trails are not only dangerous, but they can be costly. It could mean a fine of up to $5,000 for an individual, $10,000 for an organization and/or imprisonment for not more than six months. Violators could also bear the cost associated with repairing damage to roads and trails. Visitors are reminded that the use of any mechanical vehicle, wheeled or not, is prohibited year-round in designated wilderness areas.

Recreation activities on the LNF can be fun and exciting. However, visitors are reminded to be safe and observe the rules of the Forest.

The following are some suggestions:

  • Always check the weather forecast ahead of time.
  • Make sure to tell someone where you’re going and when you’ll be back.
  • Never go out alone.
  • Obtain a map of your destination and determine which areas are open to which activities.
  • Wear a helmet, eye protection, and other safety gear when appropriate.
  • Respect the environment and try not to disturb wildlife.
  • Always use common sense and courtesy when on the roads and trails.

The roads where wheeled vehicles are restricted from traveling are identified on the Motor Vehicle Use Maps available on the LNF website.