Bobby Robles dives away from a herd of football players after receiving the ball to gain an extra yard for the Grizzly offensive line. Photo by Ashley Grogan

Freshmen football sends Panthers packing

Tavin Fowler tips the ball with just enough force to cause an incomplete pass for the Chico Panthers. Photo by Ashley Grogan

The Lassen High School freshmen football team thoroughly enjoyed their first home game Friday, Sept. 8 against the Chico High School Panthers.

After a strong fight for the win, the Grizzlies ultimately left the Panthers fairly disappointed as the score shone 26-8 favoring the home team.

The first touchdown of the game was scored by Lassen with 5:35 remaining of the first quarter. Without a good PAT to follow, Lassen ended the quarter in the lead with a score of 6-0.

The Grizzlies kept it up in quarter two with a strong defensive line keeping the Panthers away from Grizzly territory.

In fact, with less than four minutes remaining of the first half, Brad Garrison ignited a roar of cheers from the home crowd as he successfully tackled the Panther quarterback on the 30-yard line and thus granted offensive possession back to the Grizzlies.

In the final few moments of the half, Lassen advanced on their 6-0 lead with another touchdown. To make up for the failed PAT of the first quarter, Bobby Robles ran in the ball to successfully score a two-point conversion after the touchdown.

Daniel Merino sprints the ball closer to the end zone while also nonchalantly shoving aside a Panther defender during the home football game on Sept. 1. Photo by Ashley Grogan

Quarter two was finished with a score of 14-0 boosting the Grizzlies’ confidence.

With 2:23 on the board in the third quarter, Robles bumped the Grizzly score up by another six points with a run-in touchdown.

Chico finally managed to make a comeback in the final minute of quarter three with their first touchdown scored. In an attempt to catch up to their rivals, the Panthers then successfully scored a two-point conversion, thus bringing the score up to 20-8, still favoring the Grizzlies.

The final quarter saw another great play with Robles in the limelight as the Grizzly managed to dash from the 50-yard line to the end zone to score yet another Grizzly touchdown.

While the two-point conversion attempt that followed was unsuccessful, the Grizzlies had certainly secured the win with more than nine minutes remaining of the game.

Lassen finished on top with a final score of 26-8 to bring their record for the season up to 1-1.

The first league game for Lassen High will be held at Red Bluff High School Sept. 22.