Lassen High School frosh football running back Rashaan Bussey, skirts the Chico defense running the ball for a first down Thursday, Sept. 5. Photo by Brian Walters

Frosh teach Chico a hard hitting lesson

Following their win over Las Plumas Friday, Aug. 30, the Lassen High School freshman football team took on rival school the Chico Panthers. The frosh dominated the Panthers in four quarters, finishing at 36-0.

The frosh wasted no time in the first quarter scoring two touchdowns before the clock hit five minutes in the quarter.

Once the ball was firmly back in Chico’s possession, frosh linebacker Wyatt Ulbricht shot around the Chico lineman to sack the Chico quarterback hard enough to case a fumble and Ulbricht recovered it for Lassen.

The following play saw running back Collin Molina break to the left of the Chico’s defensive line driving it into the end zone for the frosh’s third touchdown of the first quarter.

Chico took possession before the buzzer signaled the end of the first quarter. Going into the second quarter Chico would take a string of penalties landing them back at second down and 22 yards to go giving the frosh defense a huge opportunity to force the punt.

Blaine Wolf on the return was able to run it back for more than 30 yards toward the Lassen end zone. But the frosh would take a holding penalty putting them back at fourth down and 15 yards to go where they attempted a fake punt pass play that ultimately failed, turning over the ball to Chico on downs.

However, this helped the Lassen frosh, as the Jack Wright barreled through finding the Chico ball carrier and getting the tackle in the Lassen end zone for a safety, raising the score to 22-0.

The frosh wasted no time, and after the kick return they brought it right back up to the first and goal, allowing running back James Lynn to follow his lineman to break the defensive line of Chico for another Lassen touchdown and extra point to make it 29-0.

Before the second quarter could end the Grizzlies would get possession again after another fumble by Chico. But a penalty against Lassen would stack the deck against them, giving them a five-yard penalty setting them back to first and 15 to go. But that did stop them at third down as Molina again found the hole in the defensive left side for the frosh’s final touchdown and extra point bringing the game to 36-0.

The third and fourth quarter the frosh continued the defensive pressure keeping the Panthers from getting close to a touchdown. But Chico finally pulled a semblance of a offensive strategy leading into the fourth quarter, but it was too little too late for Chico.

Freshman football continues Friday, Sept. 13 at Enterprise High School.