Frosting Families helps collect items for those in need during quarantines

Those in the community under quarantine or isolation from COVID-19 and who are in need of essential necessities like food have a way to get some needed items without having to leave their homes.

Recently, Frosting Families, a developing nonprofit, has teamed up with Lassen Cares, the county’s COVID-19 hub, to help bring essential items to those in need.

“It came to our attention that while isolated, Lassen Cares folks have been traveling around, gathering pre-paid medications, foods and such and dropping (it) off with no contact.  What happens to those people who aren’t getting funds and don’t have what they need when they get hit with the isolation order?  They are doomed. Especially if they don’t have friends or family with means.  The folks at Lassen Cares are stretched super thin. That’s where we can help, guys,” Merry Morsels, which helped start the Frosting Families organization, shared on Facebook.

Heather Arter, Merry Morsels owner and Frosting Families founder, recently learned those who do not have much income, or those without friends and family to help pick up items, are having a difficult time during their quarantines. To help, Frosting Families is collecting necessary items and monetary donations to help get needed items to those staying at home.

Those wanting to make donations can drop off the items — like laundry and dish detergent, Lysol, diapers, toilet paper, soup, non-perishable food items, pet foods or any other necessities you’d like to contribute — at 2314 A Main Street. Monetary donations will also be accepted to help purchase needed items not donated. Frosting Families can collect curbside and then Lassen Cares volunteers will distribute the items.

Those in need of the essential necessities, and who have no other way of getting them, should reach out to the local call center at 251-8100, Arter said. The identities of those under quarantine or isolation orders will not be shared with Frosting Families.

Moreover, in order to help everyone have a great birthday, even if they find themselves in quarantine, Frosting Families will send cupcakes those celebrating their special day while stuck at home. To request the quarantine birthday treats, call Arter at (757) 576-2815.

Those in quarantine or isolation are asked to not leave their homes.