Gaines seeks another term on BOE

Retired State Senator Ted Gaines, a member of the California State Board of Equalization representing the First District, announced his candidacy for re-election.

“I am the strong taxpayer advocate California needs on the Board of Equalization,” Gaines said. “My proven track record of stopping tax increases and fighting for taxpayers is unmatched and I look forward to continuing this important work.

“My family came to California during the Gold Rush. I’m forever thankful for this state, and I’m fully committed to a future as bright as our past. But California could not have a Gold Rush today. Government would choke it off immediately, regulate and tax it out of existence. Today, wasteful spending, high taxes and burdensome regulations have made job creation and economic growth in our state more difficult than ever.

“As a small business owner for more than 30 years, I know firsthand the effects of overbearing government regulation. That’s why I have worked to simplify government and have been a tireless advocate for California’s taxpayers, ratepayers, businesses, and families.

“As a state legislator, and now as a Member of the BOE, I fight against California’s one-size-fits-all regulations and fees that unfairly target constituents and business owners. Specifically, I was a lead advocate against Proposition 15, which sought to create one of the largest tax increases in California history. We protected and won a hard-fought battle for our family farmers, the small business community, and our seniors who depend on the certainty in property taxes, provided by Proposition 13.

“My latest battle is fighting to repeal the death tax. Parents should be able to leave their children an inheritance, whether that’s a home or a family farm, without any change to the property tax bill.

“I have received the highest marks from the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association for being a strong and consistent voice against the never-ending array of new taxes and fees coming from the State Legislature.

“For someone who is a fifth-generation Californian, who loves this state, who is a father of six children who all live here and seven grandchildren, I promise to continue fighting to protect California families and taxpayers while bringing competition and economic growth.

“I want a California where families can buy homes, take vacations, save for retirement. Where parents feel empowered to choose where they send their children to school. I want the Golden State to be a low-tax, high-opportunity zone and for families to feel safe again. Where we reclaim our public spaces from the tent cities and get people the help they desperately need to stay off the streets. A state that is confident and plans and builds for the future. We have the most beautiful state in the union, and we should match it with the best government.”

Ted’s re-election campaign has already received endorsements from key Members of Congress, including Tom McClintock, Doug LaMalfa and Jay Obernolte. He has also been endorsed by Assemblymember Kevin Kiley.


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About Ted Gaines

Ted Gaines currently serves as an elected member of the State Board of Equalization, representing nearly 10 million constituents in 30 counties of Northern, Eastern and Southern California. Prior to his election to the BOE in 2018, he served in the State Senate from 2011-2018, and the Assembly from 2006-2011. He began his public service in local government as a member of the City of Roseville’s Planning Commission from 1997-1999. He was then elected to the Placer County Board of Supervisors in 2000 and re-elected in 2004. For more than 30 years, Gaines has run a family insurance business. He and his wife, former Assemblymember Beth Gaines, live in El Dorado County and have six children and seven grandchildren.