Garnier pleads guilty in prison cellphone case

Jeff Garnier, the husband of Susanville Mayor Kathie Garnier, accepted a plea bargain Wednesday, Aug. 9 in Lassen County Superior Court.

According to defense attorney Stephen King, in exchange for a guilty plea on a misdemeanor charge of possession of a cellphone with the intent to deliver into a prison, the felony conspiracy charge was dismissed.

According to the plea bargain, Garnier was fined $250 and will serve 100 hours of community service and one-year probation.

For the complete story, see the Tuesday, Aug. 15 issue of the Lassen County Times

16 thoughts on “Garnier pleads guilty in prison cellphone case

  • Are you kidding me….time to drain this judicial swamp in Susanville.


  • And yet, when we visitors go to see a loved one, we are the ones who have to be treated like we’re bringing in the contraband. Cdcr should look more closely to their own before always making the families seem like the ones doing wrong. Not saying there isn’t a few bad ones who makes us all look bad, but I know for a fact that the CO’s and others (example is this article) are bringing in the cellphones, drugs, etc

    • Interesting how Lassen County Times dropped the Mayor’s name in on the article, although she wasn’t the one who got busted. Anything to sell a paper, right? Even if it means ruining someone else not involved in the wrong doing.

      • Oh but don’t think for a second that she wasn’t the reason he got a good deal! Political corruption at it’s best!

      • A) The Times has repeatedly reported she was charged with nothing.
        B) The fact that he is the mayor’s husband is relevant, she is a public figure and he is by extension. You could argue he too is a public figure of sorts because he worked at the prison and was paid with tax dollars.
        C) This is what can happen when a family member runs for public office and/or wins.

    • You goooo!!!!
      You are soooo right on target….it’s pathetic.
      What’s sad is they do it for the almighty buck.
      Greed, greed, greed like the state of Calif doesn’t pay them enough.

    • Ya……okay…..let’s rehash this, the few bad apples are CDCR employees, the family members who continually smuggle drugs and paraphernalia into the prisons, and then when confronted cry profiling and racism are the main culprits!

    • You know for a “fact” huh? Lol put your money where your mouth is and let us know what you know. Lame!

  • Who offered the plea? The D.A.?

  • I don’t get it, from what I understand this is not his first time!. So all the other staff that get caught for the same reason lose their jobs, go to court and end up in prison and ruin their future but he gets to make a deal??? Our system is broken and he put a lot of staff and inmates at risk……

  • My guess is that he will lose a lot more than $250. His job will probably go bye bye.

  • Money talks, the rest go to jail. Shame on lassen county.

  • It’s lassen county, where what happens in this county stays in this county & there’s NO JUSTICE! if u happen to be on drugs or is sum or one WHO enjoys a drink or 4 drinks daily &u get murdered by drug addicts looking to steal street drugs or veterinary drugs!, or u hit & run an innocent 16 yr old & he dies, or u rob a local gun store & u get probation & drug court-when u weren’t facing drug charges just robbery & selling stolen property, this county is BEYOND MESSED UP! & everyone just turns their back & goes w the flow of who u know is what ur future holds 4u in the town or city of the “Never-sweats”! Guess there’s more than one reason they call susanville the land of the “Never-sweats”

    • Change is happening.

  • Some interesting comments here. Having been in almost every state in this country, some of you need to know this problem is not unique to Lassen County. There is corruption everywhere. I agree with many of these comments such as ” this behavior endangers the other employees”, and it is not fair to” target just the families of inmates” for bringing in contraband, and “justice is difficult to obtain”. However, I believe it is pertinent that this man’s wife is the mayor. It does not mean she is involved in his illegal activities because she would not be the first spouse to be unaware of the other’s actions but she would also not be the first spouse to cover for her mate either. The end result is a man whose wrongdoing put people at risk and received a slap on the wrist. What message does that send?!!!

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