Gas station owner, employees subdue attempted armed robbery suspect

Bluestaff Maudie Sue Hefner’s alleged armed robbery of Chevron gas station on Main Street yesterday morning, probably didn’t work out as he planned.

According to a statement from the Susanville Police Department, about 9:22 a.m. Thursday, June 15, Hefner, 18, used a Sig Sauer P365 C02BB pistol to threaten the clerk to give him money out of the cash register, but before any money was given, the owner observed what was occurring, and he apprehended the suspect from behind, took him to the ground and held him there until officers arrived.

Upon arrival, officers observed the owner on top of the suspect, holding him down for safety. The owner told officers the gun was still under the suspect and waited for assistance. Officers were able to safely disarm the Herner and place him under arrest. The officers also secured the scene and reported all parties involved were safe without injury.

Due to the collaborating efforts of the Chevron employees and a witness that was in the store calling 911, officers arrived on scene in less than two minutes after receiving the dispatch.

Hefner was arrested for attempted robbery and resisting arrest. The case has been referred to Lassen County District Attorney’s Office for prosecution.

The SPD thanks Lassen County Sheriff Office and Lassen County Dispatch for their assistance in the response to this call allowing for such a quick resolution. The SPD also would like to commend the Chevron owner and employees for their bravery and quick actions to seek help in such a terrifying moment.