Get involved before it’s too late

Americans are frogs in the pot of water being brought to the boil and cooked.  We ignore incremental chunks of our freedoms being chiseled away by Marxists determining our social mores.

A co-founder of Black Lives Matter is a self-avowed Marxist and fan of Mao.

Left-wing Antifa is so anti-fascist they have, themselves, become the official Brown Shirts as they burn, riot, loot, pillage, and harm Americans for fun.

A transsexual sitting as assistant secretary of Health and Human Services appears to favor puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones for minors.

School curriculums target sexualizing our children.

800,000 children go missing annually in America (FBI); almost 8 million worldwide.  You need to ask what happens to our most precious resource.  Now.  Not asking allows child sex traffickers to flourish; the result, a horror beyond the scope of this article.

We go blithely about our business, entrusting our country, on all levels, to politicians.  More than a few are child molesters and traffickers, from both political parties.  Arrested, charged, serving time.

Traditional values are undermined/eradicated from society, replaced by a Luciferian hymn extolling evil.  Politicians, Mainstreet and social media are complicit via scripted lies.

All is not well in America.  The stock market artificially propped up, inflation rising, the border crisis replenishes child trafficking, wars bubble to the surface worldwide, attempted brainwashing of our military to the Marxist mantra…ditto Critical Race Theory in schools.

Awake, Americans!

Your country needs you!  Get involved in the running of your communities before the goose is fully cooked.

Lucinda Guthrie

Greenville, South Carolina