Golf course to open restaurant

A lease agreement has been reached for Rebecca Anderson to open and operate the Diamond Mountain Bar and Grill at the Diamond Mountain Golf Course.
The lease was granted at the Susanville City Council’s regular meeting on June 20.

Interim City Administrator Dan Newton, told the council, “By having the restaurant operational, it could provide an additional incentive for golfers to go out there, play a round of golf, have a drink and maybe a bite to eat.”

There would be significant start up costs involved with getting the restaurant up and running such as the alcohol license, insurance and purchasing the food.

To assist, the agreement states the initial period of the lease provides the tenant moving, so there would be a period of four months (July 1 through Oct. 1) where there would be no rent owed to the city, however they would pay a significant portion of the utilities.

The following year, once the restaurant is well established, they would begin to pay $650 per month and cover the cost  of the utilities. Following the completion of the 18-month term, the city would then negotiate a rent amount.

Newton mentioned, “It has been a struggle to find somebody to take on the operation of the restaurant, and we feel like we have a viable candidate here.”