Government is not a spectator sport

The county board of supervisors and the Susanville City Council are no different when it comes to divisiveness that plaques most cities and counties.

Community interest and leadership should be a concern for all of us. Two meetings I attended during the week of Feb. 13 were encouraging because it was standing room only and the community showed up to voice their valid concerns.  It would be great if most meetings where like that.

Folks are trusting their elected reps to do the right thing if they cannot make meetings in person. After all this is a citizens’ government, not a spectator’s sport.

Yet the bureaucratic control is far from discretionary when it comes to the people’s voices of Lassen County and the city of Susanville. Last I heard management issues start at the top.  Take note, every lie will be revealed.

How are people to stay informed when it is the county and city’s responsibility to fully disclose what is being “considered” before and after a board and council meeting, instead of a prior decision-making, hammer job, hoping to  be overtly overlooked or selectively pushed through? We witnessed that with Measures R and S last year.

Not everyone understands the mechanisms of politics, and it damn well is the elected representatives to inform constituents in any and every way they can by providing “truthful” and direct information even to those on the street.  Far too often local citizens are having to do their job for them.

The federal government is after every aspect of our lives and those who locally collude with those officials’ intentions and motives concerns me.

Keeping politics clean and easy should be a no-brainer , but when county and city council deliberations go months, weeks, and hours on end, it is a signal to me that someone or two in those groups is the ring leader and is drumming up support for a knuckle-bumping advancement of “their” agenda, not “the people.”

This continual behind the scenes sabotaging, suing, defamation of character, slamming and dragging innocent families through the sewage pipes of an intentional “I’ll show you game” needs to stop now!

Why even get involved in politics if all you want to do is invite discord, and different forms of potential crime that will lower this beautiful county’s standard of living and property value.

If board and council members cannot be unbiased and stick with the principals of political decorum required for the job and be openly candid, than please step down from your seat.

During community meetings, folks should not have to act as a referee or mediator when it is their turn to voice their opinion.  It otherwise defeats the purpose of speaking.

The tumultuous squabbling back and forth, which I personally witnessed at a city and board meeting also needs to stop, especially coming from an elected spokesperson.

The obvious ineptitude of any council member who exhibits their time with theatrical biased interests and chastisements is wasting the community’s allotted time.

With that said, the So Cal “Berkley” mentally is not as innocent as it portrays to be.  It is another link in the chain of socialism, guided by the failures of the governor of California and the indoctrinated children who have no interest in our nation’s constitution.

I recommend we take seriously and pay attention to the larger issue of a WWIII looming over our heads in the next 24 months. That means get off the pot literally and get to work making our city and county clean, viable, safe and secure.