Governor Newsom on SCOTUS ruling

Governor Gavin Newsom issued the following statement recently following the Supreme Court of the United States’ ruling on the Census citizenship question:
“The Supreme Court did their job today –– but the fight continues. Every person counts. If Californians do not participate in next year’s census, the Trump Administration wins.

“From the President’s threats of mass deportation, to the crisis he manufactured at the border, the Trump Administration has exploited the federal government to instill fear within immigrant communities. The President wants immigrants to fear being seen. He is desperately trying to stop immigrants from participating in our democracy and American society.

“California has prepared for this moment. We are meeting this unprecedented census challenge with an unprecedented investment of $187 million dollars in outreach efforts to ensure an accurate and fair count. No other state in America comes close to the investment California is making.

“California won’t shrink from this fight. We are proud of our diversity and our immigrant communities, and we will continue to deploy every tool at our disposal to defend our residents and our democracy.”