Grassroots advocates need to prepare for upcoming election

Media mavens Rebecca Weber, host of the Association of Mature American Citizens’ Better For America podcast, and John Solomon, host of the popular Real America’s Voice Show, No Noise, have joined forces to promote AMAC’s upcoming Saving the Nation Bootcamp.

The Boomer Bootcamp initiative is an exclusive one-day workshop, focused on crucial topics impacting our community and nation co-hosted with the American Constitutional Rights Union. It will take place on Jan.20, in The Villages, FL.

Weber and Solomon welcomed swimming champion Riley Gaines for an interview on their program.

Weber said, “every year, AMAC awards one remarkable individual the Man or Woman of the year award. The winner is always selected by our members. This year, out of a list of 10 outstanding individuals, including Tucker Carlson, Elon Musk, and Justice Clarence Thomas, our members overwhelmingly chose Riley for the award.”

Gaines, she said, is “an inspiration” to millions of men and women around the country.

Solomon recalled that Gaines took offense when biological men were being inserted into women’s sports.

“In fact, I was hesitant at first,” she said. “I was hesitant because I was waiting for someone else to do it. I thought surely there would be a coach or someone’s parent or some other swimmer or someone within the NCAA or someone with political power. I thought someone would do something, but I realized how in the world could I myself, a woman, a female athlete, expect someone else to jump in and save me if I wasn’t even willing to save myself? That’s what thrust me over the edge. I realized this is coming from the tippy top at the federal government, the people in the White House right now. They’re spineless leaders. And I felt compelled, I felt responsible, and realized that I would have to go and testify in front of Congress about that and explain to them that men and women are different.”

Gaines said that it has not been easy to do the right thing. As she put it, “I have been in positions where I’ve been spit on. I’ve had drinks poured on me. I’ve had glass bottles thrown at me. I’ve been punched. I’ve been held for ransom for over four hours when protesters demanded that I had to pay them money if I wanted to make it home again to see my family safely. It was some of the most violent, vengeful, hateful backlash you could possibly imagine.”

She noted that she will be attending the Boomer Bootcamp in Florida. “I’m so excited. What an awesome idea. What I will be hoping is to instill encouragement for all of us, regardless of age. We need to be linking arms. And so, hopefully, that’s the message people will receive.”

In separate online with Lieutenant Colonel Allen West he said it’s time we “reclaim our country.”  West served our nation in the military as well as in various public service roles, including as a member of Congress. And now he oversees the American Constitutional Rights Union as its executive director. Weber described him as one of our nation’s best advocates of the Constitution. And Colonel West will be the keynote speaker at the Bootcamp, which he described as “a humbling honor.”

He said “we have got to get back to fundamental rights and values and start talking about strengthening the family. You know, I’m in the last part of the baby boom generation. I was born in 1961 but my dad was a World War Two veteran, born in 1920. My mom did about 25 plus years of service with the Marine Corps. She was born in 1931. So ,I understood those boomer values that were inculcated into me. As you know, Proverbs 22:6 says, train up a child in the way they should, so that when they grow old they shall not depart from it. So, I think that it’s time for us to reassert ourselves with our children and grandchildren, to reclaim those values once again.  Because I’m sick and tired of hearing Joe Biden and Kamala Harris telling us that our children are not ours.”

Meanwhile, Colonel West said, we need to reclaim our country. He said we’re seeing millions upon millions of illegal migrants streaming across our border.

West asked, “And what do you hear Pennsylvania Governor Shapiro saying? Well, we’re going to give them drivers licenses, which means that they’re talking about illegals getting the opportunity to vote. We hear the governor of Illinois saying that he’s going to hire illegals to be law enforcement officers and Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois saying that he wants to hire illegals to be in our military. So, we’re seeing the undermining of our constitutional republic, and I don’t want to see us continue to go down the path of these unsolicited mail-in ballots, which are unconstitutional. And we need to go back to a system that provides, confidence in our election integrity and our systems.”

And in yet another episode of the Weber-Solomon series, AMAC’s Senior Vice President, Andy Mangione, explained the purpose of the association’s Boomer Bootcamp.

“What we want to do with this event is empower citizens to become effective grassroots advocates and we’re doing the event in conjunction with the American Constitutional Rights Union,” he said. “There’s going to be panel discussions involving protecting vulnerable voters and safeguarding our elections, becoming effective state and federal advocates, as well as recognizing the threat that is posed to our children by the radical transgender agenda.”

He described 2023 as “a crazy busy year and we are anticipating this craziness to continue into 2024. It’s an election year and so getting our members involved in the election process, becoming poll workers, election observers, working the polls, and bringing people to the polls, perhaps take your church group, say you have a Bible study on Wednesday nights. Take all of them to become election workers. Put more conservative eyes on this election because it’s going to be necessary. We’re going to be heavily involved in that initiative, recognizing National Poll Worker Recruitment Day, helping America to vote, in conjunction with the Election Assistance Commission. We’re also going to be focusing on our core issues in Washington, DC, advancing a Social Security guarantee that makes Social Security solvent for 75 years without raising taxes, pushing a health act. That’s the ‘helping everyone access long term health Care act’ that provides quality medical assistance or quality medical care for the very, most vulnerable segment of our population. It’s going to be a busy year. Our members are going to be organizing and our advocates are going to be organizing candidate forums, incumbent forums where we’re bracing for impact; but it’s a good kind of impact.”