Great advice — let’s hear what the kids ­­want

Kudos to the Susanville City Council and Quincy McCourt, project manager, for scheduling a public meeting at city hall Thursday, Jan. 25 to discuss possible upgrades to Riverside Park thanks to a $450,000 Community Development Block grant. While some of the improvements necessary to receive the funding must be completed to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act, the other improvements have yet to be determined.

Riverside Park provides much needed open space when local residents start feeling closed in and need a little touch of sun on their faces or a brush of wind in their hair depending upon the season.

High school and college sports teams use the park for athletic competitions as well. So does the city’s adult softball league program, and some improvements surely could make for better softball fields and a better soccer pitch.

The public enjoys the picnic area and the playgrounds at Riverside Park, and despite concerns about safety risks posed by some aging trees, both the public and city government seem supportive of keeping as many tress as possible.

But despite all this great public input and discussion of parking and walkways and berms and better restrooms, one resident correctly noted there is one group sorely absent from this discussion — our local kids — the future school athletes, the future city league players, the moms and dads who will one day take their own kids to the park for a ride on a swing or a summer family picnic.

With a computer and a little help from their parents, they can email their suggestions to and become a vital part of this process.