Part of the Williams family — Sam Williams, left, Crispan Williams, Tyson Schroeder and Cindie Williams stop for a picture near the bullpen in right field at Fenway Park (dubbed Williamsburg).

Greetings from Fenway Park and Boston

Lassen News took a vacation last week and visited Fenway Park in Boston, and I’d like to share a few photographs from our trip. I’d also like to say thank-you for all the birthday greetings and well wishes. Lassen County folks are the best!

The temperature for the first two of three games at Fenway rose only to the low 40s. More like football weather, but it warmed up for our third game in which Mike Yastrzemski, the grandson of Red Sox legend Carl Yastrzemski, blasted a home run into the centerfield bleachers for the San Francisco Giants.

Fenway Park

Sam and Crispan Williams stop by the Ted Williams statue outside Fenway Park
The view from The Monster.
The view from behind home plate.
The party begins outside Fenway.
Baseball is serious business in Boston. No information, but this 0ld ball was on display at a Boston restaurant.

The houseboat

A large ship passes in the harbor.
A bicycle lane at Lewis Wharf.

Street scenes — the sights of Boston near Lewis Wharf

The night view from Lewis Wharf.

A cemetery dating all the way back to 1630 — now surrounded by the city of Boston.

Old Ironsides

Click here to see a video of the fans singing “Sweet Caroline” at Fenway Park.