Grizzlies continue to climb the stairs of victory

Lassen High School football has waited as long as possible to put their jerseys away.

The Grizzlies faced their second round of playoff games on Friday, Nov. 18 against the Anderson Cubs.

While the Cubs put up a good fight, the Grizzly always wins when the game gets serious. The final score was 47-14.

The game started with Lassen kicking off to the Cubs with hundreds of fans in the stands.

Just as the lion pretends to be hurt by the bite of their young, the Grizzlies decided to start the game off losing to the Cubs.

With five minutes remaining on the board, Anderson scored the first touchdown of the game via five-yard rush.

With a good PAT, 7-0 shone on the board in favor of the Anderson Cubs.

Now, just as any good role model, the mighty Grizzlies needed to make sure the Cubs weren’t going to leave with an inflated ego.

Colby Harris was the first to move on the Grizzly score with a five yard rushing touchdown. With four minutes on the clock.

Hunter St. Andre followed up with a good PAT to bring the score up to a tied 7-7 score.

After the kickoff following the declaration of a tie, an Anderson player caught the ball and began his spring. This was a perfect opportunity for Carson Chavez to show off his precision as he tackled the cub and sent both the ball carrier and the ball straight to the grass.

A tie wasn’t going to be enough to teach the Cubs a lesson, so Tucker St. Andre took the pleasure of not only scoring a rushing touchdown, but also making the sprint 75 yards to do so.

Hunter St. Andre was back at it with a good PAT and officially published a 14-7 score on the board.

With a Lassen kickoff sending the ball flying into the paws of Anderson, the Cubs were ready to take back the win.

However, upon a pass from one Cub to another, Keith McDaniel decided to launch his body in the air in order to intercept the pass. Apparently, McDaniel had no interest in going easy on the Cubs.

Though McDaniel’s leap in the air sent the crowd into a frenzy of cheers, his interception occurred with only 14 seconds left of the quarter, so a Grizzly touchdown was not achieved before quarter two began.

Not to worry however, for a touchdown was made by Hunter St. Andre with 11:08 on the clock for the second quarter.

Hunter St. Andre had rushed six yards to make the touchdown on the right side of the end zone. He then followed up with a good PAT, thus brining the Grizzlies up to a 21-7 winning score.

The kickoff to the Cubs soared straight into the paws of one who attempted a rush to the Grizzly end zone. However, Lassen was sure to tackle the Cub at the 22-yard line on Anderson’s territory.

Anderson punted the ball in a last attempt to gain some yards for the Cubs.

The punt was caught by Hunter St. Andre who rushed the ball approximately 20 feet. It took five Cub attempts before Hunter St. Andre went down, still leaving the Grizzlies in possession with a first down.

However, the Grizzly fight wasn’t with full effort, so the Cubs easily took back possession soon after.

With great effort, the Cubs were able to claw their way to the 50-yard line before Anderson made a 50-yard pass for a touchdown. Despite many Grizzly attempts, the pass was completed. With a good PAT, the score was brought up to 21-14 with Lassen in the lead.

Four minutes remained of the second quarter when Tucker St. Andre threw a 25-yard pass to Michael Swayze. Swayze completed the pass for a Grizzly touchdown.

Yet another good Hunter St. Andre PAT brought the score up to 28-14.

Colby Harris attempted another touchdown prior to the call of halftime by rushing the ball all the way down the field. A step out of bounds cost the Grizzlies, however, and the ball was soon back in Cub possession.

With a Cub attempting to duplicate Colby Harris’ achievement, the Grizzlies saw a challenge.

Without hesitation, Jacob Harris viciously tackled the rushing cub and thus prevented any cub advances prior to the buzzer for halftime.

At halftime, the drill team dancers took their spots on the field and sat in a circle before performing their routine.

The drill team’s dance consisted of their famous kicks while in the circle formation and ended with the line of girls diving to each side to create a fountain-like effect.

Next to perform were the Lassen High cheerleaders with a couple of chants and cheers before performing a dance as well.

The cheerleaders have been able to consistently present impressive stunts as well as signs to encourage the fans to cheer along.

Throughout the games, the cheerleaders stand in front of the crowd and lead chants that tend to make the student section of the crowd unbearably enthused.

The players always seem to perform well for the adoring fans.

Quarter three hit the Cubs like a sack of bricks. It was no longer time for the Grizzlies to mess around with the Cubs. It was now a time of action, focus and a pinch of gloating.

Hunter St. Andre made the first sting with an eight-yard rushing touchdown less than three minutes into the quarter.

Tucker St. Andre delivered blow number two with a five-yard rushing touchdown nine minutes into the quarter.

Two minutes later, Colby Harris stole his spot back in the limelight with a 25-yard rushing touchdown.

The following PAT by Hunter St. Andre was the only good post-goal point awarded for the quarter.

Regardless, the score was declared to be 47-14 in Grizzly favor.

The Cubs were no longer eager to take the lead back.

Lassen realized that they might have overdone the victory after a single glance in the Anderson direction. They vowed to keep their score settled throughout the fourth quarter, but the lack of Lassen advance did not equate to any potential Anderson gain.

Despite any coaxing Lassen could provide, the score was not changed between the end of the third quarter and the end of the game.

The game was called with a 47-14 winning score on the board for the Grizzlies. With their win of round two, the Grizzlies went on to play for the Championship title on Saturday, Nov. 26.