Darrell Miller steals third base during the bottom of the first inning before being tagged out at home on May 9. Photo by Ashley Grogan

Grizzlies demolish first round of playoffs

The Grizzly baseball team hosted the Central Valley Falcons for the first round of the NSCIF Division III playoffs on Tuesday, May 9.

The Falcons traveled to Susanville Memorial Park seeded seventh in the tournament while Lassen High was seeded second.

While the Falcons certainly came to the game with high hopes to score, the Grizzlies quickly trampled on such dreams. In a matter of four innings, the Lassen High boys secured the win with a final score of 13-0.

The top of the first inning was quick to end with no runs scored for the Falcons. Carson Chavez pitched for Lassen and clearly wasn’t eager to give the Falcons a lead.

Jacob Bennett slides into home to score the third run for the Grizzlies in the first inning of the playoff game against the Central Valley Falcons. Photo by Ashley Grogan

The bottom of the first was a different matter altogether, though, as the Grizzlies were truly on top of their game.

Lassen’s first run was scored by Cole Dyer after hitting a single, advancing to second on Carson Chavez’s sacrifice fly ball and finally rounding third and heading home from Hunter St. Andre’s double.

St. Andre then scored the second run for Lassen with Jacob Bennett’s double to thank.

Bennett continued the cycle with a run scored from Spencer Lively’s single.

After securing his position on first base and watching Jagger Delgado steady at bat, Lively made the plunge and stole second. With Jagger Delgado’s single, Lively managed to round third and make it home to score Lassen’s fourth run of the game.

A similar play was seen with Dustin Morgan at bat, as Jagger Delgado stole second to ruffle the Falcon feathers. Morgan clearly put a lot of power into his swing to give Jagger Delgado plenty of time. Morgan ended up hitting a double and sending Jagger Delgado in.

Morgan then continued to disturb the Falcons’ sense of security by stealing third while Malik Delgado stood at bat.

The Falcon pitcher was clearly thrown off from the overwhelming Grizzly success thus far, and ultimately gave up a walk for Malik Delgado.

Dustin Morgan catches a fly ball during the top of the second inning to send the Falcon back to the dugout on May 9. Photo by Ashley Grogan

Grizzly success was yet to settle as Darrell Miller hit a double to send both Morgan and Malik Delgado in for the sixth and seventh run of the inning.

The Grizzlies were finally back on the defense again with Chavez on the mound, but their break was short-lived as another inning passed by without a single run scored by the Falcons.

St. Andre led the offensive line during the bottom of the second inning with a single hit and a trick up his sleeve.

Bennett then mystified the Falcons and caused the fans to erupt in cheers by hitting a triple and sending St. Andre home.

Lively was back at the plate for the Grizzlies and hit a double to send Bennett back home.

Lively then advanced to third after Jagger Delgado hit a double. He then stole home along with Jagger Delgado as Malik Delgado kept the Falcons’ attention occupied at bat.

The score reached 11-0 by the end of the second inning, and things were only looking to improve for the Grizzlies.

Chavez finished off his third strong inning on the mound and totaled out his pitching stats for the game with a total of one hit given, one walk and three of 10 batters faced struck out.

Chavez was then first to advance to base during the bottom of the third inning as one out was already advertised on the board for Lassen. Steven Cagle then substituted in for Chavez and released some energy by stealing second base while St. Andre stood at bat.

After a walk for St. Andre and a single hit by Lively, Cagle was back home to bring the score to 12-0.

St. Andre then took to the mound for the Grizzlies as the fourth inning was set to start.

Morgan hit a single for the Grizzlies as Lassen returned to the offensive side of the diamond. He then advanced to second on catcher’s choice and stole third while Miller was up to bat. With a single hit by Miller, Morgan ran home and bumped up the score to 13-0.

The game finished with St. Andre on the mound and the Falcons still unable to score a run. With a total of seven batters faced, St. Andre only allowed one walk for his two innings pitching.