Evan Westfall bunts the ball to throw off the defensive U-Prep Panthers on April 17. Photo by Ashley Grogan

Grizzlies overpower Panthers in JV baseball game

Jacob McCart rounds third base and heads home during the bottom of the first inning against U-Prep on April 17. Photo by Ashley Grogan

The junior varsity U-Prep Panthers met their fate against the aggressive Grizzlies during the Monday, April 17 game at Lassen High School. While the Grizzlies tried to play fair by warning the Panthers of their power, U-Prep demanded to see some proof within the pudding, so Lassen had no choice but to deliver with a final score of 15-3.

The 12-point lead forced the game to meet an early end with the Panthers viciously waving the white flag. After the fourth inning, the U-Prep buses were warmed up and ready to hit the road.

Lassen secured their first four points in the bottom of the first inning. Runs were completed by Cade Lile, Jacob McCart, Evan Westfall and Ethan Williams.

Inning two more than doubled the Grizzly score with runs made by Gabe Delgado, Lowgan Fisher, McCart, Finn Osborn, David Painter and Williams.

With ten runs on the board, the Grizzlies took the third inning easy to encourage the Panthers to put up more of a fight.

However, with their disappointing performance resulting in a mere three points on the board by the start of the bottom of the fourth inning, the Grizzlies decided to finish U-Prep off. After all, Lassen players have more valuable objectives of which to

Finn Osborn was the winning pitcher for the home game against U-Prep. Osborn also went 2 for 4 with a double and a grand slam. Photo by Ashley Grogan

dedicate their time.

The final six runs were brought in during the bottom of inning four. Runs were made by Delgado, Lile, Osborn,

Skyler Sobol, Evan Westfall and Williams.

Inning four also saw the highlight of the game that was Osborn’s grand slam that granted Lassen four of the six runs made in the inning.

In addition to his grand slam, Osborn was also named winning pitcher after leading the defensive Grizzlies on the mound.

Coach Jon Westfall said Osborn was 2 for 4 in all with both Painter and Evan Westfall each 2 for 3.

The boys gave the game their all and truly reminded their rivals the power behind the Lassen Grizzly roar.