Grizzly basketball player Eric Smith uses the opportunity to run in for the lay up while his teammate Zane Osborn blocks Coral Academy player Avrind Gill, during Tuesday, Jan. 7 home game. Photo by Brian Walters

Grizzly basketball teaches hard lesson to Coral Academy

The Lassen High School boys basketball team didn’t rest even during the holiday break, going to Oroville, California for the Oroville High School Basketball Tournament Thursday, Jan. 2.

The Grizzlies first took on the home team Oroville Tigers, where the Grizzlies came out with a 57-50 victory. Then the following day Friday, Jan. 3 the Grizzlies took a 64-59 loss against the Shasta Wolves. But the Grizzlies finished the tournament with a big 65-43 win over Las Plumas.

After the holiday break the Grizzlies brought their game back home where they faced off against Coral Academy of Science Reno Tuesday, Jan. 7. The Grizzlies crushed the visiting team 62-13.

The Grizzlies started the Oroville Tournament in fashion against the home Oroville Tigers, where the Grizzlies took a strong first quarter lead putting up 14 points over the Tigers’ five. But things took a shift offensively by the Tigers in the second quarter as both teams battled it out with each team scoring 12 points before the half, but the Grizzlies maintained a 26-17 lead.

The third quarter was a battle much like the second quarter, but the fourth quarter the Tigers looked to over throw the Grizzlies’ lead scoring 23 points over the Grizzlies 20 points in the final quarter, but the Grizzlies held onto the lead winning 57-50.

Neil Growdon took charge of the Grizzlies’ scoring recording 18 points. Brock Wolf finished with 15 points and the lone three point shot. Then Ryan Del Carlo picked up the slack putting up 10 points by the end.

The next day of the tournament the Grizzlies went against the Shasta Wolves. The first two quarters were a struggle for the Grizzlies as Shasta took a 41-19 lead going into the half.

Things turned around in the third quarter. A huge offensive adjustment on the side of the Grizzlies brought them back into a fighting chance for the win, scoring 29 points in the third quarter over the Wolves’ 15 points, placing the teams at 56-48 with the Wolves hanging onto the lead going into the final quarter.

The fourth and final quarter the Grizzlies again took charge and led the quarter in scoring, but it wasn’t enough to make up the difference, and the Grizzlies fell 64-59 against the Shasta Wolves.

Leading the Grizzlies against the Wolves with 30 points was Growdon who took a season best despite the loss.

Las Plumas
The Grizzlies final day of the tournament was against the Las Plumas Thunderbirds. The first quarter was a close competition with both teams trading baskets, but the Grizzlies managed to take a small 13-11 lead going into the second quarter.

Things picked up for the Grizzlies in the second quarter, as the Grizzlies’ offense ran roughshod over the Thunderbirds. The Grizzlies widened the score 35-18 before the half.

The Thunderbirds brought their defense out in the third quarter, not allowing the score gap from widening as both teams scored 11 points in the third quarter.

But the Grizzlies made an aggressive push in the final quarter and kept the Thunderbirds at bay and finished the game with a 65-43 victory.

Growdon again led the Grizzlies attack, scoring 20 points against the Thunderbirds.

Del Carlo followed recording 16 points, while Lowgan Fisher finished with 13 points totaled.

Coral Academy
of Science Reno
The Grizzlies returned from their holiday break to play against Coral Academy of Science Reno Falcons. After the freshman and JV had crushed the visiting counterparts, the Grizzlies were up and they showed why Falcons don’t enter caves.

The Grizzlies didn’t hold back going into the first quarter with Sean Longabaugh coming out fast and aggressive in offense. He was able to get in six points, one coming from a big steal from a throw-in pass by the Falcons for Longbaugh to take it down the court for an easy lay up.

The Grizzlies pushed the score gap to 18-4 leading into the second quarter, where things kept improving for the Grizzlies.

The second quarter progressed much like the first as the Grizzlies’ offense just over ran the Falcons in every aspect, only allowing the visiting team another four points before the half, while the Grizzlies took a 38-8 lead.

The Grizzlies didn’t relent coming back from the half, again overrunning the Falcons, not giving them no room to score. This continued up through the final quarter putting the Grizzlies at a whopping 62-13 win.

Eric Smith whose footwork and excellent defense helped him lead the teams’ scoring with 13 points. Following was Lowgan Fisher who picked up nine points for the Grizzlies.

Grizzlies began League play Thursday, Dec. 9 at Yreka. Results were unavailable at press time, but look for the results in the Jan. 21 issue of the Lassen County Times.