The Lassen High varsity boys’ basketball team left the Oroville Tournament with the champion title after winning games against Oroville, Gridley and Red Bluff. Head coach Paul Moore, back left, Wyatt Del Carlo, Jacob Bennett, Emanuelle DeFrancesco, Kevin Barnetche, Travon Brown, Justin Lloyd, Travis Wood, Korbin Drake, and assistant coaches Doug Satica and Ron Moore. Colby Harris, front left, Will Ashmore, Chad Arnold and Wyatt Martin.

Grizzly boys’ basketball captures champion title at Oroville Tournament

The Grizzly boy’s basketball team went 3-0 during the Oroville basketball tournament held from Thursday, Jan. 5 to Saturday, Jan. 7.

During their time in Oroville, Lassen faced the tournament hosts on Jan. 5, Gridley High School on Friday, Jan. 6, and Red Bluff High School on Jan. 7. The Grizzlies proved themselves superior in each match.

The first game set the bar high for Lassen as the Grizzlies proved to the hosting Tigers that the Purple and Gold don’t mess around. The game was called with a 59-45 win for the Grizzlies.

The leading scorer for the Oroville game was Wyatt Del Carlo with a total of 18 points brought in for Lassen. Del Carlo’s nine baskets certainly gave the Grizzlies the lead they needed.

Chad Arnold followed up by scoring 15 points for Lassen. Arnold’s points included five baskets and five of six attempted free throws.

Lassen had a total of 22 field goals, three of which were three-pointers, as well as 12 of 18 attempted free throws for the Oroville game.

The Tigers weren’t the only ones to have their hats handed to them by Lassen. Next up on the Grizzly menu were the Gridley Bulldogs.

While the Bulldogs kept their image fierce with piercing glares and snarls to match, it was clear from the beginning that the dogs stood no chance against the mighty Grizzlies. The final score favored Lassen 54-33.

Wyatt Martin scored his way into the spotlight during the Gridley game as he successfully raked in a total of 22 of Lassen’s 54 points. Nine of Martin’s points were made via smooth three-pointers. The remaining 13 were made from six baskets and a good free throw.

Del Carlo was next up on the scoring spotlight with 16 points for the Grizzlies. Del Carlo’s consistent scoring habit served Lassen well as he was able to sink a solid eight baskets throughout the game.

The Grizzlies had a total of 25 field goals from their game against the Bulldogs, three of which were three-pointers. Lassen also made one of three attempted free throws and justifiably earned their spot in the championship game.

The Red Bluff Spartans were the final nemesis of Lassen as they were the only team standing in the way of the fame, the glory and the gold.

After a grueling match challenged the Grizzlies on the court, the Spartans finally surrendered. Lassen had won the game, and the championship title, with a final score of 65-56.

Martin led the way once again with 23 points to his credit. He scored three three-pointers, three baskets and eight of nine attempted free throw shots.

Del Carlo brought in 17 points for Lassen after nailing eight baskets and successfully scoring one of three attempted free throws.

Arnold also gave a hefty contribution to the Red Bluff win with 12 points secured for the Purple and Gold. Arnold shot two good three-pointers, a basket and four of eight attempted free throws.

For the Grizzly versus Spartan game overall, Lassen scored 22 field goals, five of which were three-pointers, and 16 of 27 free throws.

Coach Paul Moore said, “What a great weekend it was for us. We really grew as a team and played extremely well together sharing the ball. This was a huge confidence booster for us heading into league play. We played three different types of play in each game and responded to each. Hopefully the momentum we gained will carry us into league play.”

Del Carlo was named the tournament MVP after the stunning show of sportsmanship and consistent scoring that he gave.

The boys also took on a North American League favorite, the West Valley Eagles on Friday, Jan. 13. Results will be published in the Tuesday, Jan. 24 issue.

The next home game for the Grizzly boys will be Friday, Jan. 20 when they take on Anderson High School.