After this Falcon fumbles the ball, Tucker St. Andre, right, Jacob Memmott and Douglas Forrester ensure the ball cannot be recovered. Photo by Ashley Grogan

Grizzly football scares Foothill Cougars out of the cave

The Lassen High Grizzlies hosted their second home game of the season Friday, Sept. 15 against the Foothill Cougars.

Though the Grizzlies frequently put forth a solid effort to be good hosts, the Cougars were clearly starting to feel to comfortable in the Grizzly cave, so Lassen had no choice but to send the Cougars running.

The final score of the game was 38-7, favoring the home purple and gold.

With a dry field and a slight chill in the air, the Grizzlies started the game with the kickoff to Foothill.

Senior Xyler Elias completes a pass in the third quarter of the game to bring the Grizzlies even closer to the Foothill end zone. Photo by Ashley Grogan

Though the game against Foothill was non-conference, hundreds of fans still showed up in the stands to support the Grizzlies in their quest to start the season as strong as possible.

In the first quarter, the Cougars attempted to make a statement with a touchdown and good PAT. However, the Grizzlies eagerly accepted the statement as a challenge and shut down the Foothill Panthers with a touchdown and good PAT to bring the score to a 7-7 tie.

The second quarter saw most of the action as Lassen scored a total of 24 points between three touchdowns, three good PATs and a field goal.

Upon seeing the 31-7 Grizzly score at halftime, the Cougars bowed their heads in shame. Lassen accepted the apology with grace and only scored one more rushing touchdown in the third quarter to show their dominance as well as their passion for being a cruelty-free team.

In the fourth quarter, the Cougars attempted to score another touchdown, but a pass intercepted by the Grizzlies granted the home team possession on their own 15-yard line. The Cougars managed to regain possession and land the ball on Lassen’s three-yard line, but the Grizzly defense was too powerful to over take.

Finally, the game was called to an end with Foothill leaving the field more than a bit disappointed.

Of the five touchdowns, Tucker St. Andre rushed in four and Hayden Chittock rushed in one. All touchdowns were followed with a good PAT kicked by Anthony Wagner. Wager was also the Grizzly who scored the field goal in the second quarter.

Lassen had a total of 62 tackles, 34 solo and 28 assists. Douglas Forrester had one sack for the game.

Lassen traveled to Red Bluff High School Friday, Sept. 22 to play their first conference game of the season. The final score was 39-36, Red Bluff.