Dustin Morgan gives a full-power kick to send the ball flying toward the goal Jan. 9. Photo by Ashley Grogan

Grizzly soccer opens league play with tie

The Lassen High School boys’ soccer team opened the conference with a home match Tuesday, Jan. 9 against the U-Prep Panthers.

Despite the rain and the general chill in the air, the Grizzlies made sure to take charge and give the game their all.

After a rough match, Lassen ended up tied with the Panthers 4-4.

The first half was the roughest for the Grizzlies as the freshly moistened grass and the occasional breezes were difficult of which to become acclimated.

Lassen finished the first half at the sour end of a 1-0 score, but they refused to give up.

Ethan Heffner saves one of many balls shot toward the goal during the first home league game. Photo by Ashley Grogan

In the second half, Lassen fans saw a spectacular performance from the Grizzly boys.

Lassen scored two back-to-back goals within a two-minute span of one another before the first 10 minutes of the half had passed.

U-Prep followed suit a couple minutes later with a goal that brought the score to a 2-2 tie. Another goal from the Panthers 25 minutes into the half secured them the lead once more.

However, Lassen quickly tied up the game yet again with less than 11 minutes remaining with another goal, but the tie didn’t last long.

U-Prep countered with another goal 34 minutes into the half to practically secure the 4-3 win, but Lassen was determined to keep their spirits high.

In the final minute of the game, the Lassen High Grizzlies shot and made a goal to tie up the game 4-4, and by the sound of the final whistle, the score was set in stone.

The four Grizzly goals were made by Anthony Wagner, Dustin Morgan, Derek Anderson and Ryan Williams.

German Martinez had one assist.

Wagner led the boys in steals with 6 on record and both Martinez and Morgan followed with four.

Though only four shots on goal were successful, Lassen had a total of 15 shots on goal made throughout the game as a whole.

Grizzly goalkeeper Ethan Heffner faced nine shots on goal thanks to the stellar defensive line. Of the nine, Heffner successfully saved five.

After the tough game, Wagner was named Lassen’s Soccer Player of the Game.