Christian Hackler makes a pass to teammate Ryan Williams during the home game against West Valley Tuesday, Jan. 14.

Grizzly soccer ties heated match against Eagles

Lassen High School Grizzlies soccer team kicked off league play against West Valley, Tuesday, Jan. 14. The two teams clashed and butted heads, but in the end the result was a 2-2 tie.

As the snow fell and the cold crept in, the Grizzlies and the Eagles took to the field, and right away the teams’ battle started.

From the start Christian Hackler led the Grizzlies’ attack at the West Valley goal. But the Eagles were ready to halt the push before they made it within range of the goal box.

After a couple minute showdown at midfield, the Eagles were able to work around the Grizzlies’ defense coming around on the right side and take a big kick for a goal. But Grizzly goal keeper Evan Madden moved into position with a dramatic dive to block the Eagles’ goal attempt
Tobias Hall was the bulwark for the Grizzlies’ defense as the first half continued, while Ryan Williams with excellent footwork and an aggressive play style worked the Grizzlies’ offense into place for goal attempts. Hackler took advantage of this for the Grizzlies’ first goal attempt, though the Eagles’ goal keep was ready for Hackler.

The Eagles again brought the game back to the Grizzlies’ goal, but Nick Valdez and Hall led the defense latter in the quarter pushing the Eagles back onto a defensive footing.

Just before the end of the first half, Williams kept up the pressure for two more attempts at the Eagles’ goal, but the visiting team’s defense held, and the first half ended with no goal for either team.

The Eagles came into the second half assertive on the offense, immediately taking the game to the Grizzlies’ side looking for the opening, but Hall made a big pass to Williams who took it down for another attempt, but it fell flat as he crashed into the Eagles’ goal keep as he took possession of the ball.

The Grizzlies’ defense fell apart for a few minutes, and the Eagles took advantage, and with Madden alone at the goal, the Eagles snuck in the first goal of the game.

West Valley kept up the pressure as the Grizzlies had trouble applying said pressure to get an advantage at offense. But thanks to a foul, Williams was given the opportunity with a penalty kick, and he didn’t disappoint with a powerful kick off to the left of the Eagles’ goal keep Legend Rubio to tie the game 1-1.

As the game neared its close, Grizzly Aidan Motheral would get a shot with a free kick. Motheral with a kick through the defense’s wall put the goal away to give the Grizzlies a 2-1 lead.

But with just minutes left, the Eagles responded coming in with a little hostility and successfully applying the pressure to sink another goal past Madden to tie the game 2-2. The last few minutes saw the teams battle for the lead, but the whistle blew to end the game with the teams tied.

The Grizzlies were scheduled to play U-Prep Thursday, Jan. 16, but due to weather the game was cancelled.