High school looks at Dashboard results

The Lassen High School District Performance Review shows improvement in several areas, Superintendent/Principal Morgan Nugent shared with the trustees in December.

The California School Dashboard is part of the state’s accountability system and is intended to identify strengths and areas for improvement, according to the dashboard website. Performance is measured through the current year’s results and whether results improved from the prior year.

“We had some good growth that occurred,” said Nugent.

The Dashboard shows various areas and assigns them a color, red — which shows no growth — orange, yellow, green and blue, which shows the most growth.

“We’ve got a lot of green and we got rid of our orange. We are no longer a Fall color school. We’ve got Spring, which is really good news,” Nugent said.

The district is in the green for graduation rate, college and career readiness, English language arts and mathematics.

Nugent explained there were some areas that showed the need for continued improvement. The suspension rate was orange on the Dashboard

Delving deeper into the academic performance, for English language arts, the district is listed at about 17 points above standard, and shows an increase in about 10.9 points.

Mathematics is about 50 points below standard: however, with an increase of about 36.6 points, the district received a green ranking.

About 39.7 percent of the district’s students are college or career ready; however, because it also saw an increase over previous years — by almost 9 percent — LUHSD received a green ranking for this as well.

About 91 percent of students graduated, an increase of about 3.4 percent.

For the suspension rate, the district saw 11.6 percent of students suspended at least once, earning the school an orange ranking.

Standards were met district wide for the basics — teachers, instructional materials and facilities — implementation of academic standards, parent and family engagement, local climate survey and access to a broad course of study.

Moreover, the Dashboard identified about 35 percent of students as socioeconomically disadvantaged at LUHSD, about 2.5 percent are English learners, and about 1.3 percent are foster youth.

“The California School Dashboard provides parents and educators with meaningful information on school and district progress so they can participate in decisions to improve student learning,” read the dashboard website.

“(It) goes beyond test scores alone to provide a more complete picture of how schools and districts are meeting the needs of all students.”

The board did not take any action regarding the Dashboard results during the Dec. 17 board of trustees meeting.