“The Silence of Rain” is one of Jo Spencer’s historical novels set in Kentucky. Photo submitted

Historical Fiction Author, Jo Spencer moves to Westwood

Books are a great way to step into a different time period and experience events we would never normally witness.

Author Jo Spencer, a resident of Westwood, enjoys writing Historical Fiction that takes place in the 1800s.

“I’m just really drawn to the 19th century life,” said Spencer.

Spencer, originally from Kentucky, said growing up her town always felt old-fashioned and reminded her a lot of the 19th century.

Spencer has been a genealogist for 18 years and has researched hundreds of family lines.

“One reason I decided to start writing historical novels was because of the stories I discovered as a genealogist,” said Spencer.

Spencer has written nine historical novels: Journey of Stones, River of Time, Snow Owl, Caletonia, This Other Paris, Forever Will Find Us, Beyond the Valley and Bess Dunn.

Spencer said her books are based on historical events and while many of her characters are fictional, the books do sometimes contain real and historical people.

“I really do my research to ensure my books are historically accurate,” said Spencer.

Spencer gave the example that in one of her books her characters were preserving food through canning. She said she had to look up to make sure glass jars had been invented during the time she was depicting.

The majority of her books take place in Kentucky and the covers feature artwork from artist Paul Sawyier, who lived in the 1800s.

Spencer, who has permission to use the artwork, said Sawyier was also from Kentucky and feels many of his works go along nicely with her novels.

Those interested in reading books by Jo Spencer can find them on Amazon.com.

Those who wish to contact Spencer can email her at  jospencer77@gmail.com.