Holley receives 8 percent raise — salary is now about $226,000 annually

Lassen Municipal Utility District General Manager Pat Holley just got an 8 percent raise. His salary is now about $226,000 per year.

At its Tuesday, June 28 meeting, the Lassen Municipal Utility District Board of Directors gave Pat Holley, the district’s general manager, an 8 percent raise following a performance evaluation.

According to a statement from LMUD, “Based on the general manager’s performance evaluation, the board agreed to allow the additional compensation as outlined in his employment contract to be added beginning next pay period with the board’s gratitude.”

According to his contract, Holley is eligible for a 3 percent raise annually, and the board may also grant an additional 5 percent raise as well.

Responding to a question from Lassen News, LMUD said, “The additional 5 percent was based on Pat’s performance evaluation. Three percent is contractual. His current annual salary is 209,000. His salary after the raise will be approximately $226,000.”