Honey Lake Hospice hosts ‘safe’ tea

Chalk up yet another victim to the COVID-19 pandemic — the Honey Lake Hospice’s annual tea.

This is the third year the hospice has cancelled its annual event due to the pandemic. But you can help by hosting your own tea party and collecting donations for the organization that provides much needed services for those nearing the end of their lives and their families.

This pandemic has presented us with several challenges.  However, our multi-talented and dedicated volunteers have met those challenges with creativity and determination.  Since the pandemic began, we have provided invaluable support, guidance and strength to more than 90 patients, their caregivers and to the newly bereaved.  We will always strive to serve our community in this very special way.

The hospice issued the following statement
“We are sorry that once again (and for the third year), we will not be hosting our very special Hospice annual Tea.  As a healthcare organization, with our volunteers serving the sick and immune depressed, we feel this is the best decision for our clients, families and the public. However, we encourage you to enjoy your own tea and goodies in the comfort of your home with your loved ones and have a SAFE-TEA (safety) this Spring.

“Our fun and delicious social tea and silent auction has been our most successful and relied-upon fundraiser. Even though our amazing volunteers generously give their time, our organization does have supply and day-to-day expenses. Without our usual fundraising activities, our funds have been greatly depleted.  Can you please find it in your heart to make a donation to our Safe-Tea fundraiser until we can meet together again for in-person Tea?

“Fill out a donation “ticket” for the Safe-Tea and return it to Honey Lake Hospice or Margie’s Book Nook. All tickets returned with a donation will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win a delightful gift basket.  The drawing will be held June 8.

Again, we thank you for your past support of Honey Lake Hospice. And we hope you can continue to help us serve our community.  We are all in this together!

Save the date — April 15, 2023 — for next year’s Tea at Jensen Hall.

For more information, call Claudia at 310-4338 or Mary at 249-2039.