Honey Lake TV: It’s a fee for service, not a tax

A recent letter sent to Lassen County property owners regarding Honey Lake TV is causing some confusion.

The Honey Lake Community Television Corporation was formed as a nonprofit corporation in 1957 and it receives, translates and broadcasts television signals to users who do not subscribe to a cable or satellite service. Those who use the service pay a fee of $25 per single-family dwelling unit and $10 per multi-family unit. The fee is added to the property owner’s tax bill.

Back in November, the Lassen County Board of Supervisors sought a more practical solution to better comply with state law and to ensure all those who were using the service would pay the fee. According to that plan, all Lassen County property owners would be assessed the Honey Lake Valley TV fee unless they filed a claim for exemption by April 30, 2018. Some in the community believe the county has imposed an illegal tax on property owners and denied them an opportunity to speak out on the matter. While the fee is assessed on property owners, everyone should recognize it is a fee and not a tax.

And if no one on a particular parcel is using Honey Lake TV, it’s easy for the property owners to opt out by simply filing the claim for exemption. Honey Lake TV provides a valuable service for those who use it, and they’re the ones who should pay for it.

For more information on Honey Lake TV, go to honeylaketv.com or call 257-926 and leave a message.

2 thoughts on “Honey Lake TV: It’s a fee for service, not a tax

  • Just saying that it isn’t a tax doesn’t necessarily make it so. The opt-out provision is dubious at best.

  • nervy to charge for something that I literally cannot receive…a fee for no service

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