How to start 2022 with the right mindset to grow your business

The historical surge in new U.S. businesses in 2021 could well be surpassed in 2022, with one report predicting a third consecutive record year for entrepreneurship – all during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  As a new year begins, many business owners are focusing on sales objectives and finding the right talent. But with many new entrepreneurs entering the arena, there’s more for them to consider than numbers and resumes. It’s also important for them to grasp what the “entrepreneurial mindset” is all about,” said Mari Tautimes, a prosperous business owner and author of “#KeepGoing: From 15-Year-Old Mom To Successful CEO And Entrepreneur. “

  “The pandemic has brought a unique set of challenges on top of what new entrepreneurs already will go through,” Tautimes said. “The entrepreneurial mindset involves specific ways of thinking and how to approach challenges and mistakes. It’s about having to improve your skill set and reaching higher levels of resiliency. Starting and running a business is an all-encompassing daily grind and it can take many years to achieve the success you hoped for. Those who make a consistent effort to embody the special mindset required will equip themselves to endure, meet everyday challenges and grow.”

Tautimes offers these tips for new business owners to develop the entrepreneurial mindset and move their business forward in 2022

• Move from conscious incompetence to unconscious competence. The kind of growth most entrepreneurs seek requires getting out of their comfort zone and acquiring a new skill or skills, Tautimes said. She defines “conscious incompetence” as being aware of the skill but not being proficient at it, and said “unconscious competence” means when performing the skill becomes automatic.

“You have to accept there is much that you don’t know, and have the patience and perseverance to spend time on professional growth and learning those things you don’t know,” she said. ”While learning new things and realizing how much we don’t know is extremely uncomfortable, what is even more uncomfortable is the thought that I might face my deathbed someday never knowing what I could have actually done.”

• Revisit your vision daily. Tautimes says maintaining a strong and consistent entrepreneurial mindset involves a commitment to a vision, which allows the business owner to follow through on the necessary steps to complete the vision.

“One problem entrepreneurs frequently face is that the demands of the day get in the way,” she said. “Frustration and doubt can creep in, and problems can clutter up the day and take you off course, so it’s important to set aside time every day to focus on your vision and goals in order to stay on track.”

• Take responsibility and uphold integrity. “A responsible person is someone who does not make excuses, does not blame others or circumstances, and who pushes through feelings to take deliberate action,” Tautimes said. “The feelings part of the equation is really important. Responsible people who proactively make their lives happen do not make decisions throughout their day based on their feelings. They base their decisions on what they said they were going to do, whether they like it or not. In other words, they uphold a consistent level of integrity with and for themselves as well as with those they serve.”

• Approach problems from all sides. There is much trial and error involved in the entrepreneurial life, which means entrepreneurs have to approach problems from different angles in order to move forward. “Oftentimes the first solution is not the best one,” Tautimes said. “You have to think differently than most people and open your mind to all the possibilities. Remember that mistakes are a great opportunity for growth, including product or service improvements or new products and services altogether.”

• Delegate and elevate. A common mistake entrepreneurs make early on is wearing too many hats. 

“I always felt like I was lacking because I couldn’t figure out how to do it all,” Tautimes said. “I never realized that the real question wasn’t ever whether I could do it all to begin with; it was whether I should. With everything that we do, there is an opportunity cost. For example, if I spend a ton of time building the marketing campaign, then I’m not developing the next business relationship. What you need to realize is the more you choose to do things that help you increase your value, the better your life and business will become. Stop doing things you can delegate so you can focus on things that help your company get farther faster.

“There will be setbacks and bumps in the road,” Tautimes said, “but that’s part of the entrepreneur’s journey and growth. The right mindset builds you and your business for the long haul, and the rewards eventually come to those who continue to grow.”

About Mari Tautimes

  Mari Tautimes ( is the author of “#KeepGoing: From 15-Year-Old Mom To Successful CEO And Entrepreneur.” She rose from administrative assistant to CEO of her family’s businesses and sold them for $16 million. An entrepreneur for more than 20 years, Tautimes is a speaker, trainer, EOS Implementer® and mentor, sharing her story of perseverance and success to help others create fulfilling lives.