I endorse Traci Witry

It is my pleasure to endorse Commissioner Traci Witry for Lassen County Superior Court Judge.

I have known Ms. Witry for more than 20 years, and I have seen firsthand what an amazing job she has done upholding our judicial system.

During my tenure as a sergeant for the Lassen County Sheriff’s Office, I had the opportunity to work with Traci Witry when she worked as the Lassen County Deputy District Attorney from 2001-2003. Ms. Witry prosecuted many cases that I was the investigative officer for, and she always proved to be honest, dedicated, and very thorough.

From 2005-2010 Ms. Witry fulfilled the duties of Deputy County Counsel for Lassen County, and proved once again to be honorable, devoted and resolute. Ms. Witry is hard working and continues to keep updated with new laws, regulations and procedures to better serve the people.

Traci Witry loves Lassen County and will serve our community well as the next Lassen County Superior Court Judge. Her commitment, integrity and knowledge make her the best candidate for this extremely important role in our community. I hold Traci Witry in the highest regard, and I believe she will be the fair, impartial, ethical and wise Judge we need to ensure justice is served here in Lassen County.

David Martin, Retired Sheriff’s Sergeant, Lassen County Sheriff’s Office