Ice chest of old explosives found in Janesville

Deputies discovered explosives in the ice chest in Janesville yesterday.

The Washoe County Sheriff’s Office Consolidated Bomb Squad detonated explosives discovered at a Janesville residence yesterday.

According to a statement from the Lassen County Sheriff’s Office, about 5:50 p.m. Monday, July 1, the Lassen County Sheriff’s Office received information regarding possible explosive devises at a residence located on Indians Road in Janesville, California.

Deputies contacted the reporting parties who said they were cleaning up the property and found what appeared to be possible blasting caps in an ice chest.

Upon arrival to the residence, deputies observed the contents of the ice chest. Based upon their training and experience, they believed the ice chest to contain old dynamite. Moreover, the dynamite appeared to be in the advanced stages of decomposition, making it likely unstable.

A perimeter was established in order to keep the public at a safe distance from the scene.

The Washoe County Sheriff’s Office Consolidated Bomb Squad was contacted and briefed of the situation. Once on scene, bomb squad personnel concurred that the devices were dynamite.

A robot was used to transport the ice chest to a blast container. The devices were safely transported out of the area to be detonated.

The Lassen County Sheriff’s Office thanks the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office Consolidated Bomb Squad for their assistance with this incident.