The Memory Wall at Susanville Supermarket IGA displays the photos of current and former veterans. Photo by Kerry Johnson

IGA Memory Wall honors local veterans

Jessica and Todd Eid, of Susanville Supermarket IGA, and sponsor Coca-Cola present its second annual tradition of featuring the images of local veterans on the in-store display of the popular carbonated beverage. Anna Stewart started this tradition last year. She is a supporter of the Blue Star Moms and everything the local organization represents.

Rick Stewart, owner of Susanville Supermarket IGA, said that they both have a direct connection with the military. Anna’s dad served with the Army for four years during the Korean War and Rick served six years with the Navy on board the U.S.S. Robert E. Lee submarine, SSBN601gold.

“We wanted people to show how proud they are of their family members who are serving or who have served in the past,” said Stewart. “We wanted to show our support and show how the town supports our veterans.”

The memorial is intended to honor the service men and women who give or gave up a portion of their lives to protect the country and its citizens