Around 9 a.m. Monday, Jan. 9 during the power outage, locals waited for coffee and donuts at the bakery counter at Susanville Supermarket IGA. Photo by Makenzie Davis

IGA serves community during power outage

Many rushed to Susanville Supermarket IGA for supplies and food during the power outage on Sunday, Jan. 8 and Monday, Jan. 9.

The store was able to stay open due to a generator storeowners Rick and Anna Stewart purchased a few years ago.

“The generator allows us to serve our customers in times of need, when they have no power,” said Todd Eid, store manager.

Eid said with the other stores closed during the outages, IGA gets pretty busy.

Eid said one of the busiest places in the store is the deli, as a lot of people just want something warm and quick to eat.

“The ladies in the deli worked really long shifts,” said Eid.

Eid said some of the deli employees worked up to 12 hours to help serve the customers.

“They had the ability to continue working with a smile and do their jobs like they were just coming on the clock,” said Eid, “They were pretty amazing.”

Eid said they sold out of many items such as water, batteries and lunchmeats.

Eid said many of the employees have worked at IGA for years, and they are always willing to help out in the emergency situations.

The employees not only helped serve the customers during the outage, but they also ensured the shelves are restocked afterwards so there are more supplies in case of another outage.

“I personally want to thank all the employees of Susanville Supermarket IGA for doing a good job during the recent power outage,” said Eid.

Eid said he and his employees would like to thank Kirack Construction for delivering diesel to fuel the generator and Ed Staub and Sons for making multiple deliveries to ensure the store could stay up and running.

“We really appreciate the support,” said Eid.

Eid also wanted to thank the customers and was thankful for all the positive comments on social media. Eid said that perhaps this experience would draw more regular customers.

Eid added that he was thankful for the emergency crews and LMUD who spent the weekend out fighting hazards and restoring power.