I’m grateful for communities like ours

In small communities like ours here in Plumas County, you know just about everyone. You greet the postal workers by name when they drop off the daily mail with a smile.

Your child’s teacher is likely someone you went to school with if you grew up in the area, and you can usually count on seeing familiar faces at every community event.

Each and every interaction forms the tight-knit weave of a community that shares so much, built from hundreds of small moments that occur on a daily basis.

We all have our own reasons for choosing to reside in Plumas County, but we usually agree on one thing when we come together — we are grateful to be here, even in those moments of cabin fever that year-round residents can attest to.

A lot of people say that the key ingredient to a strong community is engagement. I would have to agree — a community is no community at all without real relationships, and those bonds can only be forged through engagement.

As a part of a strong community, we are all important components in a group of people who want to help each other succeed and celebrate each success, as well as helping each other through challenges and sorrow. Every person is important, bringing a unique gift to the community.

A friend once told me that if I ever found a community where the neighbors know and look out for one another that I should feel gifted, because these days, many communities are built on “commuter relationships.”

I feel grateful that I can say that I have found this in Plumas County, and can only hope that others feel the same. We live in an area that is not only vibrant in its undeniable natural beauty — a great deal of the beauty in our area comes from the vibrancy, life and love within the people of the community.

It has been my experience, having moved well over a dozen times in my life, that the healthiest, strongest communities are the ones that welcome visitors and are willing to share their stories.

The sharing encompasses so much, from the stories that shaped the community as it is, to the ones shaping the community today through their art, music, volunteerism, festivals and fundraisers.

In my role as a recorder of local history here amongst the amazing team of journalists at Plumas News, I am endlessly grateful for everyone that has and continues to trust me with the most important details of their lives to be conveyed to print.

I am thankful on a daily basis to live and work in a community that is so strong and thank those that have been willing to share their stories. These are the moments that shape the community that we will pass on to the next generation.