Important voter information

Statement of write-in candidacy and nomination papers — Monday, April 9 through Tuesday, May 22
Between Monday, April 9 and Tuesday, May 22, local write-in candidates must file a statement of write-in candidacy and nomination papers with the Lassen County Clerk’s office.

State Voter Information Guide mailing —
Thursday, April 26 though Tuesday, May 15
Between Thursday, April 26 and Tuesday, May 15, the California Secretary of State will mail state ballot pamphlets to all households in which voters (registered by April 6, 2018) reside.

County Sample Ballots and State Ballot pamphlet mailing — Thursday, April 26 through Tuesday, May 15
Between Thursday, April 26 and Tuesday, May 15, the Lassen County Clerk will mail a Sample Ballot and polling place notice to each registered voter.

Vote-by-Mail Ballot Application Period — Monday, May 7 through Wednesday, May 30
Between Monday, May 7 and Wednesday, May 30, voters may apply and receive an absentee ballot from the Elections Division office. Under certain conditions voters may appear in the Elections Office and obtain a Vote-by-Mail ballot after Wednesday, May 30.

Last day to register to vote
15-Day Voter Registration deadline — Monday, May 21
A properly executed affidavit of registration shall be deemed effective upon receipt of the affidavit by the county elections official if received on or before the 15th day before an election to be held in the registrant’s precinct and if any of the following apply:

1) The affidavit is postmarked on or before the 15th day before the election and received by mail by the County Elections Official.

2) The affidavit is submitted to the Department of Motor Vehicles or accepted by any other public agency designated as a voter registration agency pursuant to the federal National Voter Registration Act of 1993 on or before the election.

3) The affidavit is delivered to the county elections official by means other than those described in paragraphs (1) and (2) on or before the 15th day before the election.

4) The affidavit is submitted electronically on the Internet Web site of the Secretary of State pursuant to Section 2196 on or before the 15th day before the election.

Last day for write-in candidacy —
Wednesday, May 22
Wednesday, May 22 is the last day to file declarations of write-in candidacy.

Vote-by-Mail Ballots — late conditions — Wednesday, May 30 through Tuesday, June 5
Voters who are unable to go to the polls because of illness or disability or because they will be absent from their precinct on election day, may come to the Elections Department between Wednesday, May 30 and Tuesday, June 5 and receive an absentee ballot over the counter. Voters may designate in writing a representative to bring the absentee ballot to them. The voter may either personally or through the authorized representative return the ballot to the Elections Department or polling place in the county.

Election Day —
Tuesday, June 5
The Primary Election Day is Tuesday, June 5. The polls open at 7 a.m. and close at
8 p.m.

Official Canvass — Wednesday, June 6 through Thursday, July 5
The official canvass of votes cast will be completed between Wednesday, June 6 and Thursday, July 5.

Statement of Vote to Lassen County Board of Supervisors — Certificates of Election prepared
The Elections Official shall prepare a certified statement of the results of the election and submit it to the Board of Supervisors prior to Thursday, July 5. The Board of Supervisors shall declare the nominees or winners for each office and the results of each measure under its jurisdiction. The County Elections Official shall make and deliver to each person elected a Certificate of

Election. Any candidate for a nonpartisan office, who at a primary election receives a majority of the votes cast, shall be elected to that office. If no candidate has been elected to a nonpartisan office where only one person may be elected, then the two candidates who received the highest number of votes cast for nomination to that office shall appear on the November ballot. In the case of a tie vote, both candidates will appear on the November ballot. In no case shall the candidates determine the tie by lot.

For more information, visit the Lassen County Clerk’s website at or call 251-8217.