Indian Valley Record Public Notices for the week of 11/8/17


Collins Pine Company is preparing a timber harvest plan (THP) approximately 3 miles north of Greenville, California. This plan includes 1,258 acres in the following location: Portions of sections 20, 21, 22 and 23 Township 27 North, Range 9 East; Mount Diablo Base and Meridian. The main watercourses included in the THP are First Watertrough Creek and Williams Creek as well as several unnamed class II tributaries. As required by Title 14 of California Code of Regulations, Section 1032. 10, all landowners within 1,000 feet downstream of a proposed TIP, whose ownership adjoins or includes Class I, II and IV watercourse(s) which receives surface drainage from the proposed timber operation must be contacted requesting information on surface domestic water use. Any responses should be sent within 10 days of publication to:

Andrew Juska Collins Pine Company P.O. Box 796 Chester, CA 96020

Any responses to this letter will be submitted with the THP to the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection for review. If domestic use is noted, the THP will contain mitigation measures necessary to protect domestic water supplies.

Published IVR

Nov. 8, 2017|