TerriLynn Bejcek, left, and Lassen County District 5 Supervisor Jason Ingram pose beside a billboard on Highway 395 near Janesville. Ingram said he will not be satisfied until homeowners actually get lower rates. Ingram was not available to comment on this story? Will this proposal satisfy him?

Ingram responds to insurance commissioner’s ‘done nothing’ approach

Lassen County District 5 Supervisor Jason Ingram has made his dissatisfaction with California Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara well known in Lassen County.

He even erected a billboard on Highway 395 encouraging his constituents to contact Lara directly and ask him to fix the state’s fire insurance crisis.

Lassen County District 5 Supervisor Jason Ingram.

Ingram has said he won’t be satisfied until Lara quits talking and actually takes the necessary steps to fix the state’s insurance crisis.

California Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara.

Here’s Ingram’s response to Lara’s address to California Assembly members at yesterday’s legislative oversight hearing.

“This guy has done nothing, in my opinion,” Ingram said. “He didn’t mention once about a plan to bring the major insurance companies back to the state. He did not mention once lifting the rate increase level so insurance companies wouldn’t have to put in rate increase requests anymore. He did not mention once a real solution or we would have All-State, State Farm and the rest of the big insurance coming back into California. Until the big insurance companies move back into the state to bring back a healthy, competitive insurance market, we will continue to pay these extravagant prices. In the meantime, folks are losing their homes because they can now not afford their mortgages anymore.”