Input sought on city’s entrance design

The design phase for Susanville’s Southeast Gateway project received a nod of confirmation from the city council. Upon completion, the designs will be available for public input before moving to the construction phase.

Public Works engineer Dan Gibbs shared a Powerpoint presentation regarding the progress on the project. Gibbs explained the city would be doing further outreach to the community through social media, the newspaper and the city’s website, for comment.

Design for the monument sign concept, landscaping design, related street furniture such as lighting, benches and trash receptacles were shared with the council at its Oct. 16 meeting. The design is scheduled for completion some time in the beginning of 2020 — once all of the elements are deemed satisfactory.

Construction funding is not presently programmed, but city staff estimates the cost to be approximately $2.7 million, with construction tentatively scheduled for the 2021-2022 fiscal year or later depending upon funding availability and other potential factors.

Currently, there is no fiscal impact to the city as the project is funded entirely with state and federal funds with no local match requirement. The city will continue its efforts to acquire construction funding through the State Transportation Improvement Program.

Gibbs shared the plans for the city’s monument, its location and planned design elements.

The monument itself will be located just within the city’s limits, on the right as one comes into town from the east. The monument will be where there is currently a billboard, and the city will work with the property and sign owners to determine another proper placement.

The goal of Gibbs’ presentation was to update the design status and to get direction from the council.

The Gateway project will feature gutters, culverts and sidewalk completion on the north and south side of Main Street from Riverside Drive to the Walmart entrance.

There will be lighting along the street, and the designs chosen will have the potential to be continued throughout all of Main Street. Gibbs shared that the cheapest option for the city was to choose lighting with solar panels to curb the overall lifetime costs.

The monument will feature signage — potentially made from materials that could withstand that area’s weathering and look like timber.

There is an element of a miniature water tank, and the city staff is exploring the use of a local artist to craft.

The monument will feature local juniper and pine trees, lavender, a saw blade to highlight our historical industries and both granite and volcanic rocks, featuring the area’s meeting point of the Sierra and the Cascade mountain ranges.

Embedded into the rocks will be the logos of the city of Susanville, Lassen County, the Indian Rancheria and as councilmember Mendy Schuster recommended, the Lassen Community College logo, too.

The design has yet to be finalized, so elements may change depending upon further input.