Isn’t it about time? 

Isn’t it about time Americans understand how Putin invaded Ukraine so easily?

Russians follow his orders because Putin has his hands on the means of communication (news and education agencies) and also on the means of force (the regular police, and the secret police).

When Putin says “Ukrainians started this,” his political minions put it out as truth and the people believe it. We have many adult children in America today who follow their leaders to the edge of dangerous cliffs every day.

Putin also talked his country into allowing him to stay in power for 22 years. In a real democracy, there are always short-term limits that are enforced like the nation’s life depends on it. Not in Russia or China.

Our representatives and senators are not telling this story because they are well along the path of accumulating corrupt lifetime power themselves. America is already partially Putinized.

True democracies put government into the hands of a constitutional law decided upon by all of the people. The people only know what to put into that law when they have thoroughly versed themselves in their own history and the history of other nations.

We have already disarmed our minds, so our liberties are quickly melting away.

Kimball Shinkoskey 
Woods Cross, Utah