JandJ dancers shine in Reno competition

The JandJ competitive dance teams left it all on the dance floor this weekend in Reno, Nevada, according to a statement from JandJ.

The teams competed in all three levels of competition: intermediate, advanced and elite and brought home many top awards with their group dances.

Notably, the junior team took a Platinum score and third overall for their hip hop dance, “Comin In Hot,” choreographed by Kat Guess and Jessica Wade. The mini team, with two first -year members, received an Ultra High Gold and third overall for their jazz dance, “ImmaBee.” The youngest dancers took home an Ultra High Gold and first overall with their nerd inspired routine “Think.”

The junior team moved up a competitive level this year, and swept with Ultra High Golds and many overall placements. A fun routine choreographed by Nicomi Reed and Jessica Wade, “Barbie Dreams,” took home third overall, with a jazz routine, “9 to 5,” grabbing fourth overall. Junior soloists Zoey Nicholson and Lenna Wade took home Platinums in the advanced level.

The teen teams wowed with many dances. A contemporary piece, “In My Shirt,” choreographed by alumnus Izzy Norwood received a coveted scholarship and fourth overall for their work.

The teen/senior team was awarded first overall for their hip hop routine, “Queen Type,” choreographed by Kat Guess and Corinne Salas. They also took second overall with the piece “Made For,” which was created and performed for the local Dancing for a Brand New Me event this year. This piece also took home the best choreography award for Jessica Wade’s original concept and choreography.

In the teen groups we saw soloist Parker Foreman, trio “Major Tom,” and the solo “Remember” from Allie Chandler take home that Platinum and second overall title. Allie Chandler was also awarded an Elite Scholarship for her solo. Kissy Baseman competed her solo at the most elite level of competition against some of the top dancers in the nation. She received the highest award at competition, Can We Get an Encore, which is higher than a platinum and awarded to perfect scoring pieces. She came home with second overall in the teen elite level.

“As always JandJ was complimented heavily for our costuming and appropriateness of our music selections,” according to the statement. “We constantly receive comments of surprise and disbelief that dancers of our level hail from our tiny hometown of Susanville. Our teams have made such a wonderful name for themselves, and for our community in the vast and highly competitive dance world.

“This was our first whole team competition of the season, so there is much more to come from us. Thank you, Lassen County for your continued support of our teams and their goals. Your support makes it possible for our dancers to wow audiences from stage to stage.”