Janesville Elementary School dance’s controversy ends

When Janesville Elementary School announced a Sadie Hawkins Fall Flannel Dance from 8 to 10 p.m Friday, Nov. 3 at the Janesville Elementary School Gym, it may have seemed like a normal elementary school event.

Girls at the school could ask a date or a friend to attend and they were encouraged to wear matching flannel shirts.

The school also invited “all eligible 6-8th grade Lassen County students. Sorry, no charter (school) students.”

That last statement ignited a firestorm, especially in the South County where parents felt their charter school students faced plain and simple discrimination by not being allowed to attend the dance.

Jamie Huber, principal at Janesville Elementary School, said a school dance earlier this year attracted about 100 charter school students and the intent was simply to have a smaller number of students at this dance. Huber said she recognizes charter schools play an important role in our county’s education system and serve some students very well.

Due to the controversy, Huber said attendance at the dance will be limited to only Janesville Elementary School students.