Lassen County Board of Supervisors Chairman Aaron Albaugh presents Jenni Uruburu with a certificate honoring her 20 years working for the county. Photo by Makenzie Davis

Jenni Uruburu recognized for 20 years with the county

Jenni Uruburu received recognition Tuesday for her 20 years working for Lassen County, and the impact she’s made in the local departments is evident through the remarks made and the number of flower bouquets waiting for her.

The Lassen County Board of Supervisors presented her with the certificate and gift during the Tuesday board meeting.

Uruburu spent 18 years working with the public health department, and the past two with the Lassen County Sheriff’s Office in the prevention and education program.

During the recognition presentation, Lassen County Sheriff Dean Growdon, Community Social Services Director Jenna Aguilera, Lassen County Clerk/ Recorder Julie Bustamante and Health and Social Services Director Barbara Longo thanked Uruburu for her years of dedication and service.

“Every time someone needs some help, she’s the one who steps up,” said Growdon.

Not only is she instrumental in the prevention and education program, the sheriff said, during the fires she also helped with logistical support ensuring law enforcement officers got what was needed.

“I just want to thank you for 20 years of service with the county,” Growdon said.

Others spoke on Uruburu’s contributions to not only her job, but to those around her.

“I don’t feel worthy to talk about Jenni’s commitment to community social services,” Aguilera shared.

“I thank you for everything you have given to all of our populations that are underserved, and you have given everything you have been able to do for them,” Aguilera said, listing Uruburu’s service to camps, shelters, and her advocacy.

“I just hope this shows you how loved you are and how much of an impact that you not only made on our clients that we saw everyday, but our staff,” Aguilera added.

Bustamante also thanked her for all the times she served as an election officer and poll worker, saying, “She’s done an excellent job with the elections and we really, really appreciate her.”

In addition, Longo spoke of Uruburu’s impact on her personally and in the community.

“When I think of you, and all that you’ve done, my heart just swells with appreciation,” Longo said. “What you bring to me personally, and what you’ve done … is amazing — how one person can contribute so much to a county.”

Longo shared Uruburu showed her how critical and important it is to appreciate people every single day.

Many attended the meeting to honor Uruburu for her 20 year mark working with the county, and following the meeting, numerous bouquets of flowers followed her as she left the board room.

Earlier this month, Uruburu was diagnosed with stage 4 uterine cancer.

Various fundraisers including a fill-the-boot drive and a spaghetti dinner are set to help cover financial expenses.

The Susan River Fire Department Volunteer Association will be hosting a drive-thru Fill-The-Boot fundraising event for the Jennifer Uruburu fundraising account from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 27, located at the Susan River Fire Department in Johnstonville and at the Susanville Fire Department on Main Street.

From 4 to 7 p.m. Thursday, March 4, the Susan River Fire Volunteer Association is hosting a fundraiser Drive-Thru Spaghetti Dinner at the Johnstonville Station. Tickets are $10 each or $35 for a family of four, and they can be picked up at the Susanville Police Department, located at 1801 Main St.

Donations may also be made to the Jennifer Uruburu fundraising account at Golden 1 Credit Union- Susanville.