July is Auto Theft Prevention Month: Best practices to safeguard your car from theft

TBC Corporation, one of North America’s largest marketers of automotive replacement tires, offers these tips during Auto Theft Prevention Month.

Lock all the doors – This is the first step in keeping your vehicle safe. Unlocked doors create an easy target – all the thief has to do is try the door handle.

Remove your keys from the vehicle – Keys left in the ignition or in plain sight make it easy for a thief to drive off with your vehicle. Not to mention, the additional access points the thief gained entry to with the other keys on your key ring (house, apartment, garage etc.).

Close all the windows – Vehicle theft can happen in seconds, especially with quick entry from reaching in the window to unlock the door.

Do not leave a spare key near your vehicle – Thieves know common places to look for spare keys. Leaving your spare key in your vehicle could lead to theft instead of just a temporary lockout.

Park your vehicle in a will lit area – Thieves may be deterred by well-lit areas as they do not want to be seen, identified or caught.

Do not leave any kind of valuables in your vehicle – Take away any and all temptations a thief might have to break in and/or take your vehicle.

Here are some added safeguards you can take to ensure your vehicle and valuables do not fall into the wrong hands.

Install an audible alarm system and/or anti-theft system – If your vehicle is not equipped with an audible alarm system, installing one might prevent theft as the loud sound of the alarm could draw unwanted attention, resulting in the thief being caught.

Install an immobilizer system – This device will essentially disable the vehicle, stopping a thief from taking it.

Install a tracking system – Utilizing wireless or GPS technology, you will be able to track your vehicle’s location. This may help the police recover your vehicle faster if stolen.

Most of all, be aware of your surroundings to keep your vehicle and, most importantly, you safe.

About the TBC Corporation
For 65 years,  through a multi-channel strategy, has been a tire company ahead of the curve. Through worldwide operations spanning wholesale, retail, and franchise, TBC provides customers top tier brands and automotive maintenance and repair services with the underlying mission to exceed customer expectations. TBC serves wholesale customers in the United States, Canada and Mexico through TBC Brands, National Tire Wholesale (NTW), TBC International, and TBC de Mexico. Additionally, TBC responds to the needs of consumers in search of total car care at more than 600 company-operated tire and automotive service centers under the brands Tire Kingdom® Service Centers and NTB® Tire & Service Centers. TBC, through a subsidiary, also owns the Big O Tires® and Midas® franchise systems.