Members of the Lassen County Junior Fair Advisory Board pose with the Lassen County Board of Supervisors during a recent meeting Tuesday, Jan. 28. The junior fair board members were giving an update on past and current activities, as well as goals for the board. Supervisors Tom Hammond, left, David Teeter, junior fair advisory board members Autry Satica, EmmaLee Rotlisberger and Erin Nickell, Supervisor Aaron Albaugh, Junior Fair Advisory Board Advisor and Fair Advisory Board member Holly Mueller and supervisor Jeff Hemphill pose. Photo by Makenzie Davis

Junior Fair Advisory Board shares goals, projects

From working on an app to bringing the Remarkabull to life, the Junior Fair Advisory Board has been busy bringing a youthful eye to the Lassen County Fairgrounds and its myriad of events.

To give an update, some members of the junior board shared their completed and planned activities and goals during the Tuesday, Jan. 28, Lassen County Board of Supervisors meeting.

The Junior Fair Advisory Board is comprised of President Ronnie Merrill, Vice President EmmaLee Rotlisberger, Secretary Erin Nickell and Autry Satica and Neil Growdon, who are both in charge of social media. Rotlisberger, Nickell and Satica were present during the Tuesday meeting, along with Junior Fair Advisory Board advisor Holly Mueller.

Lassen County Fair manager Jim Wolcott noted the group was great.

“They are amazing. I’ve had a lot of people talking to me about how well they do,” said Wolcott. “They do a great job for us.”

The Junior Fair Advisory Board helps assist the Fair Board with activities on the fairgrounds. They are also charged with helping bring new and exciting ideas to the community, the members shared.

A project bent on connecting fairgoers to the annual event is an app. The Junior Fair Advisory Board is working on an app so fair users can plan their fair week, upload photos, look at the schedule and show times, all from their phones.

The group also has some goals, including encouraging the community, businesses and citizens to collaborate and promote the fair throughout the year, to stimulate youth involvement in the fair and to bring the mascot, Remarkabull, to life.

The Junior Fair Advisory Board is working on updating Remarkabull’s image, while also developing the costume and the mascot’s promotional media plan. The junior board is also starting to explore possible funding sources for the bull’s creation.

Assisting the junior group, supervisor Aaron Albaugh requested $250 of his discretionary fund go toward the Junior Fair Advisory Board’s Remarkabull journey.

Moreover, the group shared some of the activities they’ve participated in, including the Bluegrass Festival Ice Cream Booth, Kiddies Day at the Fair, the Remarkabull Rock Project, fair contests and free activities, Skills Days and attending the Western Fairs Association Conference in Reno.

The junior board has been working diligently on their social media presence. Follow them on Facebook, at Lassen County Fair and Lassen County Junior Fair Board, and on Instagram, at lassencountyfair and Lassencountyjr.fair, to follow fair happenings and events.

The Junior Fair Advisory Board is accepting applications for the youth-driven group.

Lassen County youth, ages 14 to 19 years old, may apply for the board. Applications can be picked up at the Lassen County Fair Office, at 195 Russell Ave., or can be found on the website,