Just trippin’

Hey man, I feel like I must be tripping back through time to when the establishment was spreading the words of discontent for confusing reasons.

A group of counter-culture types took it upon themselves to party out in the woods like a family reunion designed as a “come as you are” event. They did not have leadership with the authority to fulfill established rules, like getting permits to be an unpermitted event. That sort of stuff reminds me of the laws against marijuana that were changed because no one could really say why it should not be legal. For these latter-day hippies, it’s a picnic, man. What’s your problem?

I read articles that kind of freaked me out because of words that were used to scare people.


One article said the police were claiming that these weirdos were putting LSD in water pistols and shooting unsuspecting passers-by, sending them on an acid trip. They have been “puddled.”

The lie is that the authority to lie will make the lie true. The truth is overlooked by the lie that is told to scare.

We have a political party that dominates this county and many parts of the United States that is defending crimes of major concerns, and defending and protecting the people who have been found guilty and have and are or will be serving the sentences handed to them by juries and judges after have been tried and found guilty by the due process of law.

Puddle me again. None of this is real. I am just tripping.

James Ausmus, Leavitt Lake